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Chicago: Ryerson Global Headquarters

227 West Monroe Street
27th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: 312-292-5000
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Little Rock
7701 Lindsey Road
Little Rock, AR 72206
Phone: 501-490-2255
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Relieving a material's internal stress through a process of heating and gradual cooling

Beam Splitting

Rotary shearing process that splits a beam in half, and into a tee


Forming process that presses sheet into various shapes along a straight axis
Plate bevel

Plate Beveling

Softening a squared edge by removing corner material, producing a rounded or angled edge


Cutting, shearing or punching specified shapes out of a piece of sheet


Bending material to a desired arch or curve by heating at specific points along the material

Centerless Grinding

Cutting process that resizes a long product by removing material from the exterior


Machining process that cuts an angle into a corner of a cylindrical shape

Coil Leveling

Using rollers to flatten coil and sheet to standard industry tolerances

Contour Sawing

Cutting an outline through sheet metal using a band saw


Folding metal into alternating and parallel grooves and ridges to increase the material's bending


Cutting and discarding the ends of rolled or forged materials that contain pipe or other defects
Cut to Length


Cutting pieces of coil to specific lengths


Machining process that feeds a drill axially into a surface

Edge Conditioning

Forming process that rolls the edge of a coil to a specified shape, removing the slitting burr for exposed applications


Forming process that uses dies to create a raised or sunken pattern in a piece of sheet


Building structures of two or more pieces of metal by cutting, bending and assembling


Coating a material with iron or zinc to prevent rust


Machining process that uses an abrasive wheel to achieve high surface quality and dimensional accuracy

Heat Treating

Altering the properties of a metal through techniques such as annealing, case hardening, precipitation strengthening, tempering and quenching

Iron Working

Shearing, notching, forming and punching metal plates by machine with high-strength blades and dies
laser cutting

Laser Cutting

Using a laser to cut materials, edges have high-quality surface finish


Using machine tools to remove material from a piece to achieve a desired geometry


Machining process that removes material to form material into a final shape
Miter cutting

Miter Cutting

Beveling the ends of the two tubes or pipes to be joined together


Shearing process that removes material from the outside edge of a piece
Oxy cutting

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Process utilizing a gas-powered flame torch to cut various thicknesses of plate.


Sealing finished parts into the appropriate packaging materials for shipping and delivery purposes


Punching a pattern of holes across the surface of a material
Plasma cutting

Plasma Cutting

Using a high-speed plasma torch to cut various thicknesses of metals


Finishing process where oxidation is removed from the surface to improve appearance and protection
Precision blanking

Precision Blanking

Shearing with punches and dies where the product is the piece punched out of the web, in contrast to piercing

Press Brake

Bending sheet and plate material with a power-driven machine, also known as a brake press


Cutting specified holes or shapes into a piece of sheet


Reprocessing coil material on a side trimmer

Roll Forming

Forming process that uses a series of rollers to shape a piece of sheet into a specified part

Shot Blasting

Refining the surface of a material by applying an abrasive at high pressure
saw cutting


Cutting material with high-strength saw blades


Using straight cutting blades to cut sheet and plate to specific sizes


Using straight cutting blades to cut sheet and plate to specific sizes

Stress Relieving

Applying heat to alter a material’s properties and relieve internal stresses

Temper Passing

Rolling a sheet or coil to final thickness, flatness and surface finish

Toll Processing

Performing specific material processing services on a fee-based pricing structure

Tube Laser Cutting

Using a laser to precision cut specific patterns and shapes out of and into metal tubing


Removing scales and rough finishes from forgings by placing materials into a rotating horizontal barrel


Storing material inventory in an off-site, climate controlled setting for future use

Waterjet Cutting

Using a high-pressure stream of water and abrasives to produce parts with precise edges free of heat-affected zones


Joining two pieces of metal together

Alan Singleton

Alan Singleton

Multi Market General Manager
Phone: 713-440-2921

John Crews

John Crews

General Manager
Phone: 501-490-5231

Jon Clark

Jon Clark

Outside Sales Manager
Phone: 501-490-5255

12/2/2011 Ryerson Announces Major Expansion to Little Rock Operations

Ryerson Inc., a leading processor and distributor of metals in North America and Asia, is proud to announce a major renovation and expansion of its Little Rock, Arkansas, service center.

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