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I forgot my password and/or user name.

You can reset your password under the Log In section of the site. Follow the instructions to receive an email with information to help you reset your password. If you forgot your user name, contact our customer service department at 1-855-Ryerson or contact us .

What features are available if I sign up for an account?

  • Purchase metal anytime, 24/7
  • Access to real-time inventory availability
  • Order Status – customers can check the status of orders entered online as well as orders entered by a Ryerson Associate.
  • Electronic Test reports for purchased products
  • Recently Purchased catalog
  • Faster order entry with personalized Shopping Lists
  • Duplicate previous orders into new orders

Placing your order

Can I order on a credit card?

Absolutely! We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

How do I change the ship-to address on my account?

To alternate your current ship-to address to a pre-registered shipping address:

  1. Select Shipping Options from the cart. The address highlighted in blue is your default ship-to address.
  2. Select the alternate pre-registered shipping address where you’d like your order delivered.
  • Note: Only your first four ship-to addresses are visible in the dropdown menu. Select Show More to see a full list of your pre-registered addresses.

To register a new shipping address to your account:

  1. Call our customer service department (1-855-Ryerson) or contact us to register a new shipping address or adjust an address on a current order.
  • Note: It may take up to two business days for newly registered addresses to appear under your online account.

Can I view pricing and/or availability on items without adding them to my cart?

Absolutely! There are many ways to do this:

Under the Catalog tool or in Recent Purchases, enter the quantity you would like, and select the Check Stock button.


Under Quick Part Search, enter the part number(s) and quantity of items you’d like to order and select “Add” or “Add More” for each item. Then, select Check Pricing and Availability.


Once a shopping list is created, mark the check box next to the items you would like, and select Check Pricing and Availability.

I placed my order, what next?

Will my existing Ryerson sales representative be able to see my order?

Yes, your Ryerson sales representative will be able to view your order in our standard system.

In addition, you can allow your sales representative to receive an automatic copy of your sales receipt. To allow your sales representative to receive a copy, add them to your default email confirmations. You can locate this by selecting My Settings under My Account. Enter the email address of your sales representative, as well as anyone else you’d like to receive a copy of your sales receipt, under the Additional Email Addresses box.

How can I access a Mill Test Report?

You can view mill test reports under the Order Status section for any order placed with Ryerson, including both online orders and those placed directly with a sales representative. The test report link will appear for each item once the order is completed and shipped.

How do I check on my order?

Select Order Status from your menu options. Search by your Purchase Order number, your Part number, Transaction number, Ryerson Sales Order, or by Date. Next, click on the Ryerson Sales order to review the details of your order.

How do I duplicate my order?

In the Order status section, once you have located your previous order details, place a check mark in the line item box you’re interested in, or check the “Select All box, then, just Add to Cart.

Can I change my order after I submit it?

Once you have submitted your order online, you no longer can make changes to that order through the website. You can utilize Live Chat to speak to a Ryerson representative, or click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the webpage. We would be happy to make any adjustments needed!

Managing your account

I am the Customer Administrator for my company. How do I add a new user?

  • Select Administration on the top navigation menu.
  • Go to Manage Users and select Add.
  • Complete the user profile – we suggest using the person’s email address as their user name.
  • Assign the new user one of the following roles:
  1. Customer Administrator - Has full use of the site.
    • Can create and distribute user names and passwords and update employee information, including deleting/adding employees and security role changes.
  2. Buyer – Able to enter and view orders and create shopping lists.
  3. Inquirer – Can view orders, shipping history, stock status and pricing.
    •  May not place orders or view user information.
  4. Consumer – Able to view stock status only.
    • May not place orders, view net price, order status, or account information.
  5. Order Status - View stock status only.
    • May not place orders, view net price, check availability or account information
  • Save your selection(s).
  • Select Reset Password to send new user a log in notification email.

How do I remove a user?

If you are an Account Administrator, you have the ability to add your colleagues to the site, as well as remove them. Select “Admin” from your menu options. Click on “Manage Users” on the left hand navigation section. Search for your employee. Once you have results, click the “Edit” button and then click on the Delete button.

Our previous Customer Administrator is no longer with our company. How do we get a new customer administrator set-up?

Please call our customer service department (1-855-Ryerson) or contact us and provide the name, email address and phone number of your company’s former Customer Administrator, as well as the name, email address and phone number of your new Customer Administrator.

Custom cut metal

What items can I cut on

You can cut the following items:

  • Plates cut to shapes: Rectangles, Squares, Circles, Rings
  • Sheets cut: To width and/or to length
  • Cut to Length: Bar, Tube, Pipe, Angle, Channel, Beams, Tees

How can I sort for items that I can cut in the Ryerson catalog?

On the left side of the screen there is an option to select Cut To Size. By Clicking on that feature, the items will narrow down to items that offer cutting as an option.

FAQ Cut to Size

How can I tell if an item can be cut on

There are two ways to tell, whether you are in the catalog, your cart, recently purchases, shopping list or order status, cut items have an image of scissors next to the item. Also, there is a cut box that you can select.

Catalog view:

FAQ Cut to size Catalog View

Cart view:

FAQ Cut to size Cart View

Not sure which process or finish to select?

Each process and finish has help text to help you decide which is best to cut your item to size. Just click the ? next to the word process or finish after activating the cut to size box. See the example below:

FAQ Cut to Size Processing Menu

Can I change an item to be cut after it is in my cart before I submit my order?

Absolutely! Just click on the cut to size box on the right side of the item and it will activate the cut box for you to add your cut specifications.

FAQ Cut to Size Review Order

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