As we look ahead to a new year, Ryerson is asking its market managers to identify key business challenges that will have the greatest impact on their markets going forward. In this blog we look at packaging and processing equipment manufacturers.

Today, market consolidation among packaging and processing customers has created new sales pressure on equipment manufacturers. Due to the resulting smaller pool of customers, many are exploring new avenues for selling more to existing customers, while simultaneously dedicating resources to finding new customers.

And while new channels, including e-commerce, mobile and social, are indeed providing new opportunity, figuring out how best to integrate and optimize them into the overall strategy can often be a challenge.

As a result, manufacturers must find new ways to be nimble and ready to compete faster than ever before, while accommodating multiple and/or more demanding products, according to Ryan Huckfeldt, Ryerson’s packaging equipment market manager.

He says, “They will need to adapt and rely on their OEM (original-equipment manufacturers) and supply chain partners to assist them in creating flexible equipment for multiple products, technology and supply channel challenges. All in the effort to speed their time to market.”

It starts with getting the metal that you need, for example stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 304 2B finish. Next comes the need for the entire supply chain to be faster, smarter and more diligent in their service levels. This will help to make packaging and processing equipment manufacturers more flexible and connected to customers.

“We [as partners] must share the value in pricing and production issues by offering unparalleled service-focused solutions,” he says. “By developing customized solutions, we can aid in price issues and operational efficiencies, all while leveraging our material supply chain and optimizing logistics.”

Here is where having a partner who can provide complete solutions tailored specifically to packaging and processing equipment provides even greater value.
This encompasses all aspects of a project, including:

• Machining: This includes CNC machining that results in accurate, repeated cuts that produce parts with precision.
• Framing: Pre-polished materials and custom parts for complete framework
• Polishing: Consistent and quality finishes per your specifications

“Ultimately, we need to be faster, smarter and more diligent in our service [as partners],” adds Huckfeldt. “This will help to make the packaging and processing equipment vertical more flexible and able to stay connected in every way possible.”

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