Plasma cutting helps give your plate accurate cuts with a clean edge. It also has the flexibility to cut diverse shapes. But what does it look like in action?

As the 3 T's to cutting metal tells us, plasma cutting is ideal for alloy, carbon, or stainless steel. These machines have the ability to hold tight tolerances on material that is 0-1.75" thick.

When a plasma cutter is running, an electrical channel is created from ionized gas that is so hot it enters a fourth state of matter – plasma. The electric arc is then transferred through the plasma at such a high speed that it makes the plasma hot enough to melt metal while also moving so fast that the molten metal is blown away. This way of cutting with plasma is able to occur because of the compressed gas blown through the focused nozzle at an extremely high speed.

Because plasma cutters are so hot and localized, they’re very good for cutting sheet and plate material into custom profiles both quickly and accurately. This combined with low cost creates widespread use from industrial applications to small hobbyist shops.

Check out one of our plasma machines in action.


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